QForm-Extrusion is a single program that integrates all the features required for analysis and optimization of the most complicated extrusion processes. It is being successfully used for simulation of solid, semi-hollow and hollow profiles as well as extrusion through multi-hole dies. The extruded material can be aluminum alloys, brass, steel and other metals.

The program is fast and reliable. It works on a 64-bit hardware platform and takes advantage of parallel computing on PCs with up to 8 CPUs under Windows. A series of simulations can be run overnight or over weekends using the built-in batch mode.


Simulation accuracy for problems specific to extrusion


QForm-Extrusion is the only program in the market that allows simulation of thermally and mechanically coupled problems of material flow and die deformation even for very complicated thin walled profiles. The program features parametric representation of the bearing geometry and state-of-the-art automatic meshing algorithms. By keeping the bearing geometry as a parametric surface QForm-Extrusion is able to consider cases when die deformation causes local zones of very fine inclination of choke or relief that may vary just a few angular minutes. Simulation results and actual production of our customers as well as laboratory tests have shown that, though small, such bearing angle variation may significantly influence the material flow patterns.

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Benchmark test — experimental proof of simulation results

The test extrusion was done for four angular profiles going through a multi-hole die. Use of different shapes of the chambers has caused variation of extrusion velocities for each profile*. QForm-Extrusion simulation has shown very good correspondence of the profile velocities with the experiment.

*) Donati L., Tomesani L., Schikorra M., Tekkaya E., 2007, “Extrusion Benchmark 2007”. Proceedings of the Conference Latest Advances in Extrusion Technology and Simulation in Europe. Bologna, pp. 89-95
1 - Brass profile extrusion (With kind permission of Outokumpu Nordic Brass AB (Sweden));2 - Hollow profile (With kind permission of S.p.A. (Italy));3 - Multi-hole extrusion (With kind permission of S.p.A. (Italy)); 4 - Solid profile.
Benchmark test results