Online Seminar: Hands-On interactive Introduction in QForm

QForm Group together with prosimalys GmbH invite you to participate in the online seminar "Hands-On interactive Introduction to QForm". The event is aimed at German speaking design engineers and product developers in metal forming companies.

The online seminar will give you a comprehensive understanding of the structure of a metal forming simulation.You will get an understanding of the process characteristics estimation (die cavity filling, load required to perform the deformation, etc.) as well as of the prediction of possible metal forming defects such as laps or flow-through defects.

We will provide you a QForm Cloud license for 14 days. During the seminar you will be able to set up simulations by yourself and run them in the Cloud. So you can participate in the event using your personal laptop.We will analyze the simulation results together and answer your questions during this event. The cloud license will be activated for two weeks and you will be able to test the possibilities and advantages of QForm by yourself.

Two introduction seminars about hot forging and cold forming simulation are offered in German.

Hot bulk forging26 November 202013.30 - 16.30 (CET)14 daysFree
Cold bulk forming27 November 20209.00 - 12.00 (CET)14 daysFree


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