Happy New Year 2021!

Several key features of upcoming QForm version in 2021

     New QForm API (Application Programming Interface) allows users to create code to control QForm externally for analysis and automated optimization of technological processes. The pieces of code to control functions and parameters within QForm are automatically generated by our dedicated API constructor based on principles of visual programming, and they just need to be copied to the user's program of choice.

     This automatic code generation speeds up development applications and eliminates common errors. QForm API now works for C++, C#, Phyton and Visual Basic programming languages and more will be added in the future.

QForm for Linux operating system
     A new client-server version allows QForm use on servers with Linux operating systems. This special QForm Server solver can be installed on a Linux computer including High Performance Computing (HPC), so that the calculations are run on the Linux server while the users work with a standard QForm client on a Windows 7/8/10 computer or laptop. The data exchange between the server and client can be either through a local network or the Cloud.​​​​​​

Thermal simulation of the tools in multiple forging cycles
     Usually, in the simulation of bulk metal forming, we consider the temperature change of the die for just the current forming cycle. Before the simulation, the tool temperature is set to some single value that can be estimated for the die surface and the thermal transfer is calculated during the simulation for just the current forging operation. Meanwhile, in some cases of precise forging, it is necessary to know the accurate temperature distribution of the tools in a production situation, taking into account the heating of the tools due to contact with hot workpieces in a series of forging cycles when the temperature of the tools increases from one blow to the next until it reaches a quasi-steady-state nonuniform distribution. A special feature to simulate such multiple cycles of heating of the tools has been developed in the new version of QForm. This kind of simulation is relatively fast because only the thermal task is calculated for the specified number of forging cycles.

     In addition to improved material flow calculations due to more accurate temperature data, implementation of this feature in hot forging operations means that the estimation of tool fatigue failure becomes more accurate because it depends on the actual temperature distribution in a production setting. In cold forming operations, the cycling heating option allows more accurate calculation of actual tool dimensions due to thermal expansion that may influence finish product dimensions.

Upcoming events

MEFORM 18–19 March 2021, Freiberg, Germany
The conference will traditionally take place at the Institut für Metallformung, Bernhard-von-Cotta-Str. 4, 09599 Freiberg. QForm Group is proud to sponsor of the event.

International Olympiad April 2021
Students of mechanical engineering are invited to take part in the Online International Students Olympiad in Hot Bulk Forging and Extrusion Technologies, which will take place in April, 2021 at universities around the world.

ET '21 11–13 May 2021, Orlando, Florida, USA
The 12th International Aluminium Extrusion Technology Seminar and Exposition. Our booth is 201.

Metalloobrabotka 24–28 May 2021, Moscow, Russia
Metalloobrabotka is the largest in Eastern Europe and the CIS trade show of global machine tool industry and state-of-the-art metalworking technology. Our booth is 84C50.

ICTP 25–30 July 2021, Columbus, USA
The 13th International Conference on the Technology of Plasticity in Columbus, Ohio, USA.
Paper "Development and Implementation of Static Recrystallization Model of AA6063 Using Industrial Experiments" (Artem Alimov - speaker, Ivan Kniazkin, Nikolay Biba).

QForm Summer School August 2021, Moscow, Russia
We are glad to invite specialists from universities and academic departments who is interested in virtual manufacturing and simulation of metal forming processes to participate in summer school which will take place on August, 2021 in Moscow, Russia.