QForm Seminar. Bilbao

QForm Seminar. Bilbao
8 March 2019 

Effective solutions and latest developments
in simulation of metal forming processes

We are glad to invite everybody who is interested in a way to increase the efficiency of forming processes by using numerical simulation to participate in seminar which will take place in Sociedad de Industrias de Forja por Estampación (SIFE) on 8 March 2019. The seminar is organized together with Monterosa Advisory Sagl, QForm representative in Italy.

Location: Sociedad de Industrias de Forja por Estampación, 22 - 2.º Dcha, Calle Gral. Concha, 48010 Bilbao, BI, Spain
Time: 9:30–13:30 (coffee break at 11:30)
Participation fee: FREE

The latest version of QForm software has got many new features for simulation of hot and cold forging as well as advanced specialized modules for ring rolling, extrusion, heat treatment and microstructure evolution prediction for steels, titanium, aluminum and nickel-based alloys during the whole technological chain. The fastest network and client server workflow with multi-core and multi-task options gives users the ability to develop new and enhance existing forming technologies without press trials. Advanced computational features like dual mesh method, fully thermally and mechanically coupled task, big selection of damage criteria for different deformed materials and low cycle fatigue tools failure prediction open the way to accurate and quick analysis and optimization of the most complex metal forming processes.

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