Webinar: Optimal project settings for simulation in QForm. 11:00 AM (CET, Berlin)

QForm Online Academy
Webinar: Optimal project settings for simulation in QForm

May 18, 2021
11:00 AM (CET, Berlin)

This webinar is intended for metal forming engineers who use QForm or are considering using QForm simulation software. Our technical experts will demonstrate how to optimally tune the simulation parameters for efficient and fast design in QForm for various metal forming processes.

The webinar will address the following basic issues:

  • What are the requirements for optimal geometry?
  • How to optimize and control the properties of the mesh?
  • What is the calculation step and when do we need to change it?
  • How we consider weight and inertia?
  • How to optimally tune the remeshing process?


Stanislav Kanevskiy, Regional Director, QForm Group
Kuanysh Kenzhaliyev, Engineer of Technical Support Department, QForm Group

Event start: 11:00 am (CET, Berlin)
Duration: 1 hour
Language: English
Participation fee: FREE

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