9-13 April 2019
11th Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress
11th Aluminium Two Thousand World Congress will be held from 9 to 13 April 2019, at the BHR Treviso Hotel in Treviso, Italy. We will be glad to meet you during the event at our booth.
15-26 April 2019
International Students Olympiad 2019
International Students Olympiad in Hot Bulk Forging and Extrusion Technologies will take place in April, 2019 at universities around the world.
23-25 April 2019
QForm Seminar. India. 23 and 25 April 2019
We are glad to invite everybody who is interested in profile extrusion simulation to participate in seminar which will take place on 23 and 25 April 2019 in Hyderabad and Pune, India.
21-23 May 2019
Forge Fair 2019
Together with Forge Technology, Inc. (QForm representative in USA) we will present new version of QForm software at booth 118 in Cleveland Convention Center, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
27-29 May 2019
QForm Forum. Berlin. 27-29 May 2019
We are glad to invite you to take part in the international QForm Forum which is dedicated to latest developments in numerical simulation of metal forming and heat treatment processes.
23-27 June 2019
The 13th International Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes will be held on 23-27 June 2019 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA.