Webinar. QForm UK 11 + QKaliber: New capabilities in longitudinal rolling simulation

Join our free webinar on
July 11, 2024, at 10:00 am (New York City time)

Language: English
Duration: 1 hour
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Join our webinar to learn about rolling simulation in QForm UK and automated roll pass design with QKaliber.

The first part of the webinar will be dedicated to the application of the QForm UK software for simulating longitudinal rolling processes, where we will talk about the new interface and computational capabilities of the program, discuss features of specialized modules for simulation of continuous and reversing rolling, as well as rolling in universal stands. We will review the main steps of creating a project in QForm UK, from preparing the initial data to analysing the results, and we will discuss comparisons of simulation results with actual experiments.

In the second part of the webinar, we will look at the application of the CAD QKaliber, which reduces the development time of roll pass designs, decreases the cost and time to master new technologies, and allows for improving existing technologies. Based on empiric analytical models, CAD QKaliber calculates rolling parameters from pass to pass: metal deformation, temperature and speed regimes, and energy-force parameters. You will learn about roll pass from the initial workpiece to the final profile and in the vice versa direction from the finished profile to the workpiece. We'll show you how CAD QKaliber, known for its ease of use, works with QForm UK to simplify the development. Integrating both programs helps tackle technological challenges during the preparation, adjustment, and actual rolling, speeds up the technology development, and boosts productivity.