Webinar. QExDD. Innovations in Extrusion Tooling Design: Automated Optimization and Latest Enhancements

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July 17, 2024 at 10:00 am (New York City time)/04:00 pm (CET, Berlin)

Language: English
Duration: 1 hour
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In the webinar on July 3, we discussed the advantages of extrusion simulation in QFORM, while in the webinar on July 17, we will focus on QForm Extrusion Die Designer software – an essential CAD program for Extruders and Die Makers.

QForm Extrusion Die Designer (QExDD) is an automated system for 3D creation of dies, mandrels, and other parts of the tooling set for the extrusion of aluminum hollow and solid profiles. This system helps create the solid model of a tooling set step-by-step using special parametric design tools. QExDD makes possible to speed up routine work of geometry preparation and provides user a unique possibility to get high quality 3D models in an automated way using an in-built metal flow optimizer.

QForm UK offers an integrated solution, which combines a design system for extrusion dies (QExDD) and a powerful finite element package for extrusion (QForm Extrusion) with an automated optimization procedure.

The webinar will be interesting for both those who are not yet familiar with QExDD and those who already work with this program, as we will review the updates and new features we have developed.