QForm UK metal forming simulation software is implemented at commercial plants for economic benefit as well as at universities for academic and research purposes.

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QForm UK Extrusion is designed for aluminum and magnesium profile extrusion simulation.

- Fully coupled task

- Analysis of tools

- Temperature taper for billet

- Force and temperature distribution during full process time

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QForm UK Ring Rolling is specially designed software for ring and wheel rolling simulation and analysis.

- The program has a direct data preparation interface with the most popular ring rolling machines.

- Dual mesh method provides fast and accurate simulation.

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QForm UK Extrusion Die Designer (QExDD)
is a system for creating parametric 3D design of tooling sets for solid and hollow profiles extrusion from 2D drawings.

- Die development automation;

- Bearing editor;

- QForm Extrusion integration;

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QForm UK is a professional engineering software used for simulation, analysis and optimization of metal forming processes providing excellent reliability. It covers the essential needs in metal forming simulation for large and small manufacturing companies as well as research and educational establishments.

Upcoming events

20 and 22 February 2024

QForm Group and SpaceCAD Ltd. company as the official distributor of QForm UK software in Bulgaria used for simulation of forging, forming, extrusion and rolling processes invite you to attend a meeting related to the simulation of metal forming processes.

29 February 2024

February 29 at 9am to 2pm (CET Berlin)

26-28 February 2024

The FIA Open Die & Ring Rolling Conference will held at Houston, Texas, USA. This dual-track conference will include basics training, a networking reception and happy hour, table top exhibits and a plant tour of Ameriforge Group. QForm UK Team will present the new version of QForm 11 software and the new QKaliber CAD system for developing and enhancing rolling processes for long products and section profiles.

21-22 March 2024

The MEFORM Conference will held at The Institute of Metal Forming, Freiberg, Germany. prosimalys GmbH and GMT mbH will be glad to see you at the booth and answer all your questions about QForm UK. 

17-18 April 2024

QForm Group and prosymalis GmbH will hold a user meeting in Munich. The actual location will be announced at a later date.
As always, we will be available to answer all questions, demonstrate the new version of QForm UK 11 and the new products QForm UK Direct and QKaliber and answer all your questions.



For your convenience, we have put together a schedule of webinars and courses to make it easier for you to plan your training. 

Dates, times and links for registration are already on our website.



The Forum is a big event for the QForm UK community and team as it brings together researchers, manufacturers, experts, and developers from diverse countries and industries. Typically organised biennially, this time it took place in Dubai.

The QForm UK Forum in Dubai is like a big showcase of what we've been up to in the past few years. It was three jam-packed days filled with development talks, specialised sessions, and master classes. We saw lots of cool presentations sharing success stories of using QForm UK in manufacturing all around the globe. The vibe at the event was super positive and creative, whether we were diving into technical stuff or just chilling during free time. Overall, everyone thought the Forum was a big success!