QuantorForm participation in 16 International Industrial Exhibition Metall Expo 2010

Within the period from 9-12 of November QuantorForm has taken part in 16 International Industrial exhibition Metall Expo 2010.

During the exhibition QuantorForm stand was visited by leading Russian Plants and Universities, many of which being QForm software users. As the results of these discussions, there was significant amount of interest in the specialized QForm program for the simulation of metal forming.

Also, while at the exhibition, QuantorForm held discussions with the Managing Director of the special steel company Wilhelm Obserte-Beulmann GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) and this concluded in an agreement concerning partner relations and cooperation in providing both Russian and customers in other countries with an integrated efficient industrial solution for longer tool life. The two companies have also discussed the possibilities and prospects of further cooperation, and agreed to hold joint seminar within International Conference on Extrusion and Benchmark (Italy, Bologna) in October 2011.

About International Industrial Exhibition Metall Expo 2010.

Now in its 16 year the exhibition Metall Expo has become a major event for metallurgic and metal forming companies with contributions from CIS and Eastern Europe. The Exhibition Metall Expo creates an opportunity within the Russian metal market, where competitors and partners can meet with each other and have the possibility to discuss all aspects their business including raw materials purchase, equipment, technology and users.

More about exhibition: www.metal-expo.ru