QForm Presence in China

1. China seminar QFORM 20 YEARS INDUSTRY APPLICATION During the 28-29th of March, 2011 QuantorForm, Ltd. jointly with its Chinese partner FUKIN TECHNOLOGIES SERVICES held a seminar dedicated to QForm to celebrate it 20 years in industry, research and educational application which has made a great contribution into the forging industry all over the world.

During the seminar Mr. Segrey Stebunov the General Director of QuantorForm, Ltd. introduced a way to increase the efficiency of the forming processes by using numerical simulations, in particular, the latest version of QForm 7.0 software. During the seminar there was also advanced training for current users and roundtable discussion, allowing providing answers to customer questions. Additionally, some current QForm users made their reports on QForm projects and simulation results at their companies.

The target audience of the seminar were various existing QForm users at several Chinese Manufacturing Plants and Universities and also some new users. The seminar included many specialists who work directly with the QForm software.

Within the audience there was a very high interest in QForm and as a results of the seminar, the participants were awarded certificates for their work and many of the new users signed agreements for trial licenses.

Due to the excellent organization of the seminar and seminar program in conformable conditions combined with a delicious lunch where it was possible to exchange ideas and ask further questions, the participants were very pleased to have attended. The seminar showed a high level of demand for QForm and promising prospects with respect to the Chinese industrial and educational market.

2. New QuantorForm, Ltd. Chinese partner as a new branch for further business extension.

As the results of negotiations between General Director Mr. Stebunov of QuantorForm Ltd. and General Manager Mr. Lixin Jiao of Beijing Intelligent United Innovation Technology Co. Ltd., the companies discussed cooperation prospects and signed authorized dealer agreement aimed to sufficiently extend and enhance both companies positions within the Chinese market.

Beijing Intelligent United Innovation Technology Co. Ltd. provides the most advanced simulation, design software and technology, setup with localized high level technical support teams, engineering consulting, customized and developed to add value service. Our target is to be the leading provider of advanced design and simulation software and technology, dedicated to independent development and advanced manufacturing.

3. China plants and universities visits.

During Mr. Stebunov stay in China, he also visited several potential customers, arranged by QuantorForm, Ltd. Chinese partners, which confirmed the necessity of further QuantorForm business extension to the Chinese market.