Report about QForm User’s seminar and training day at National Metalforming Centre on December 5-6th

The key subject of the meeting was the newest version 7.2 which has got many important new features. The seminar was attended by people from forging companies in the UK, Sweden, Italy and Bulgaria. The audience was surprised by the amount of development work which had done since the last release of QForm 7.1.


Just a few of new features of version 7.2 are listed below:


Elastic-plastic material model has been extended to simulate the large deformations in the workpiece.

Ring rolling has got a very special numerical model developed for its effective simulation. It is based on dual mesh method that provides highest accuracy of simulation of both mechanical and thermal problems and shortest simulation time.

Flexibility of user’s defined functions programmed by Lua codes has been significantly extended. Particularly now it is possible to use results of standard subroutines as arguments in user’s subroutines written by Lua.

Advanced ways to specify environment, friction and other boundary conditions.

More ways to control a mesh density by means of boxes of mesh adaptation.


During the second half of the day there were two industrial presentations about the experience of QForm users:

Darren McMaster, a Design Engineer from DMM Engineering Ltd. has shown significant technical and economic benefits when using QForm simulation. His presentation “QForm at DMM: Forging simulation to aid production and design” has been dedicated to manufacturing practice when making equipment for climbing and mountaineering and other critical applications.

Atanas Yordanov from SpaceCAD, Bulgaria presented his experience of QForm implementation in industry using examples of hot closed die forging and ball bearing manufacturing.


During the training day all the participants have been introduced to this new version of the software. They prepared and completed several training examples plus their own specific simulation jobs to get confidence in a new release. At the end of the training day they were awarded with certificates of competence in QForm 7.2.