Test-drive QForm Diemaker and QForm-Extrusion

«Designing a die-set of 3D geometry from flat drawings in QForm Diemaker program. Simulation and process optimization in QForm Extrusion»

QuantorForm Ltd. and ALUSIL invite you to take part in the Fifth international conference «Aluminium – 21/EXTRUSION» and the QForm-Extrusion simulation program workshop on June 24th 2014 which will take place in Sankt-Petersburg, Russia.

The seminar is intended for technical managers, die designers and other extrusion industry specialists.

QForm Diemaker is an application under development by QuantorForm Ltd. utilizing the popular CAD system SpaceClaim (http://www.spaceclaim.com)for automation of 3D tool design for use in QForm-Extrusion simulations and further manufacturing on modern machining equipment.

QForm-Extrusion is a special-purpose program for profile extrusion simulation and optimization. QForm-Extrusion is a single program that integrates all the features required for analysis and optimization of the most complicated extrusion processes. It is being successfully used for simulation of solid, semi-hollow and hollow profiles as well as extrusion through multi-hole dies. The extruded material can be aluminum alloys, brass, steel or other metals.

The seminar program:

  • Demonstration example of designing CAD model using QForm Diemaker;
  • Simulation in QForm-Extrusion;
  • Analysis of the simulation results, stress-strain state of the die set, transverse and longitudinal welds;
  • Geometry preparation and technological processes simulation;
  • Questions & answers, accepting applications for demonstration simulations, organization of training and trial license.
  • This is an opportunity have a free simulation of your extrusion process. To perform a simulation we will need the following initial data: tool set geometry (2D or 3D), temperature and material of the billet, parameters of the press. We will provide a technical report of the simulation results. At the workshop you will be able to see live results of simulation in the QForm-Extrusion program. Also you will be able to ask questions, plan your further reactions and set up the most appropriate training for your needs as well as get a free trial license and/or purchase the program.

    This seminar is a hands-on session and we suggest you bring a laptop to work with (required standards (http://qform3d.ru/?go=760). All simulation results performed during the test drive are free for use.

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