Presentation at the Conference OPTIMoM in Oxford University

Our presentation at OPTIMoM 2014 Conference in Oxford University titled «The analysis of different damage accumulation models for simulation of hot and warm working of alfa+beta titanium alloys» by O. Bylya, N. Biba, A. Vlasov, R. Vasin was very successful.

The work was focused on the analysis of the applicability of different fracture models for the utilization in the through process FEM simulation of hot and warm working of a+b titanium alloys. Different models are programmed as the user’s functions using facilities of the QForm 7 FE metal forming simulation code and tested. Advantages and disadvantages of different approaches are analysed and possibilities of their improvement and adaptation for the FEM simulation of metal forming are discussed.

Ductility resource utilisation parameter in hot forging of titanium alloyMaximum shear stress fracture criterion in case of hardening and softening materials