QForm at Heat Treat 2017 in Columbus, OH, USA

QForm VX 8.2 has got a completely new module for heat treatment simulation. It includes three different models of phase transformation (JMAK, Koistinen-Marburge and Leblonde-Devaux) and a user can select the most appropriate one depending on the task and available data.

New module has been successfully implemented to different industrial processes of quenching and tempering of steels, solution treatment and aging of aluminium alloys to predict final phase constitution, mechanical properties, possible distortion and residual stresses.

To help a user with accurate material data required for heat treatment simulation we have developed a special method. It will be presented at the conference Heat Treat 2017 in Columbus on 25 October at 11:40 as «An Inverse Method for Determining Steel Properties for Simulation of Phase Transformations During Quenching» (authors N. Biba, A.Shitikov, A. Alimov).