QForm Seminar took place in Krakow on 17 January 2019

QForm Seminar took place on 17 January 2019 in AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. The event was dedicated to simulation of microstructure evolution and heat treatment during metal forming processes. More than 30 specialists from forging industry and universities together with colleagues from AGH University participated in QForm Seminar. Thanks to Rudolf Kenig, representative of QForm in Poland, and AGH University QForm Training Center for support in event organization.

Welcome of participants: AGH, Head of Metal Forming Department, Prof. Janusz MajtaQForm Seminar participants

New QForm Instructor certificates were awarded to the next qualified experts in methodology of QForm Software training in the field of metal forming simulation, working in AGH University of Science and Technology:

• Aneta Łukaszek-Sołek, Ph.D., D.Sc., Assistant Professor

• Sylwia Bednarek, Ph.D., Eng., Assistant Professor

• Łukasz Lisiecki, M.Sc., Eng., Research and Teaching Assistant

• Piotr Skubisz, Ph.D., Eng., Assistant Professor

Also, AGH Training Center certified Karolina Zbień and Piotr Brudny from Promot Zakłady Metalowe Sp. z o. o., as well as AGH students Kamil Góra, Maksymilian Spiesz, Gabriel Wilczek as QForm specialists.

Certification of Designer/technologist, Promot Zakłady Metalowe Sp. z o. o., Karolina ZbieńCertification of Head of the Technology Department, Promot Zakłady Metalowe Sp. z o. o., Piotr Brudny

Research and Teaching Assistant and QForm Instructor Mr. Łukasz Lisiecki and AGH, Ph.D., Eng., Assistant Professor and QForm Instructor Mr. Piotr Skubisz made presentations about practical use of QForm software.

Examples of use of QForm software for analysis of metal forming processes, AGH, M.Sc., Eng., Research and Teaching Assistant, and QForm Instructor Mr. Łukasz LisieckiThe use of advanced simulation in QForm for design of forging processes, AGH, Ph.D., Eng., Assistant Professor, and QForm Instructor Mr. Piotr Skubisz

Polish industry traditionally is very interested in development of QForm new versions. Dr. Nikolay Biba, Mr. Paul Mordvintsev and Dr. Artem Alimov introduced the latest developments:

• QForm simulation: from fundamental research to everyday industrial practice (QForm Group, Micas Simulations Ltd., UK, Director, Dr. Nikolay Biba)

• New QForm technical possibilities demonstration (QForm Group, Head of Business Development Department, Mr. Paul Mordvintsev)

• Heat treatment simulation cases for steels, nickel, aluminum and titanium-based alloys (Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Head of Laboratory of Metal Forming Technologies, Dr. Artem Alimov)

• Microstructure evolution simulation cases for steels, nickel, aluminum and titaniumbased alloys (Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Head of Laboratory of Metal Forming Technologies, Dr. Artem Alimov)

QForm Group, Micas Simulations Ltd., Director, Dr. Nikolay Biba with his presentationThe latest version of QForm software has got many new features for simulation of hot and cold forging as well as advanced specialized modules for ring rolling, extrusion, heat treatment and microstructure evolution prediction for steels, titanium, aluminum and nickel-based alloys during the whole technological chain. The fastest network and client server workflow with multi-core and multi-task options gives users the ability to develop new and enhance existing forming technologies without press trials. Advanced computational features like dual mesh method, fully thermally and mechanically coupled task, big selection of damage criteria for different deformed materials and low cycle fatigue tools failure prediction open the way to accurate and quick analysis and optimization of the most complex metal forming processes.

During the seminar QuantorForm Ltd. company (QForm Group) has completed the joining to Polish Forging Association. The Association brings together individuals and companies from forging industry, suppliers of equipment and materials and scientific institutions (universities, institutes etc.). The main objective of the Association is promotion of the development of Polish forging industry. The association is a member of the European Association of forging EUROFORGE and scientific cluster HEFAJSTOS.

Many thanks to all participants of the seminar! We hope to see you again at our future events.Collective photo at AGH University of Science and Technology