AGH University of Science and Technology awarded QForm with a medal

QForm software was selected to be awarded by AGH University of Science and Technology with a medal in recognition of the Company's commitment to improving the professional qualifications of students and teaching staff, and also for providing substantive support in solving problems related to technological and technical issues within seminars, workshops and competitions.

We would like to thank our Polish colleagues Rudolf Kenig (Firma Uslugowa Kendin), professor Aneta Lukaszek-Solek (head of QForm training center in AGH) and Department of Metal Forming of AGH University. This medal means an acknowledgement that 25 years of development of our software make possible providing metal forming industry with an effective solution for reducing costs and increasing quality of metal forming technologies.

Special thanks to AGH University for help in organization of the International Students Olympiad in Hot Bulk Forging and Extrusion Technologies 2018. This year 41 universities from 16 countries participated in the competition. Tasks for the Olympiad were developed in cooperation with AGH.

Part of the ceremony of solemn session of the university senateProfessor Aneta Lukaszek-Solek and Dr. Yury Gladkov (QForm Group) with the medal