19th ADA User's Conference took place on 6 July, in Tokyo, Japan

On 6 July 19th ADA User's Conference 2018 took place in Tokyo, Japan. The event is organized by Applied Design Analysis Corporation (ADA), QForm representative in Japan. Our company has been invited to be one of the speakers at this important event for five years consecutively. The QForm Group was presented by Mr. Stanislav Kanevskiy with two reports about QForm software.

In the first report some new features of the next QForm VX and Ring Rolling were presented. Due to a large amount of new features, only a few of them were presented such as brick elements with outstanding elements refinement algorithms, new developments focused on users from sheet metal forming industry, API and some more. The next QForm Ring Rolling version has a great deal of new features and improvements, focusing on precise initial data set in order to be as close to real mills as possible. Also, the next version achieved faster simulation with more accurate results thanks to taking into account all possible ring rolling mill parameters and better accuracy is already proved by experimental results.

The second report was about new developments in QForm Extrusion and QExDD. In the next QForm Extrusion we release such features like symmetry boundary conditions, consideration of gravity effect on final profile tip shape, analysis of profile contact with tool, tool damage analysis, microstructure and heat treatment of extruded profiles as well as prediction of specific defects in aluminium profiles. QExDD got faster modeling core and better performance as well as new more convenient modeling structure and API for users who want to create 3D models of their dies in automatic mode based on 2D drawings.

Mr. Stanislav Kanevskiy with his report about QForm software

We are very glad about increasing demand of academic users on QForm software! Thanks to Dr. Yukihiro Fogogawa, Professor of Daido University and former General Manager of Forging Subcommittee, and Dr. Masahiko Hoshino, Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department of Nihon University, who is also Chief of Extrusion Processing Subcommittee of The Japan Plastic Processing Society for their reports where researches in QForm were presented.

We are waiting for you at the 17th International Conference on Metal Forming which will take place on 16-19 September in Toyohashi, Japan. Dr. Sergey Stebunov will present article «Prediction of the fracture in cold forging with modified Cockcroft-Latham criterion» at the event.