KomPlasTech 2019 Conference on 13-16 January in Poland

XXVI Conference on Computer Methods in Metals Technology (KomPlasTech) will be held in Zakopane, Poland on 13-16 January 2019. 

During the event Dr. Artem Alimov (Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Head of Laboratory of Metalforming Technologies, programmer) will make a presentation «Simulation of Microstructure Evolution during Forging and Heat Treatment of Ti-6Al-3.5Mo-1.5Zr-0.3Si Titanium Alloy».

Conference topics:

  • New computational techniques for modelling in control
  • Numerical simulations of casting, semi-solid forming, thixoforming, metal forming and heat treatment
  • Numerical simulations of heat transfer, microstructure evolution, phase transformations, diffusion and prediction of products properties
  • Rheological models, application of the inverse analysis to identification of models parameters
  • Multiscale material models, based on cellular automata, molecular dynamic, Monte Carlo, etc.
  • Boundary conditions in modelling of processes in materials engineering
  • Computer aided design of tools and technology in materials processing, new energy-saving and environment-protecting technologies
  • Applications of artificial intelligence and optimization techniques in materials science
  • Databases and knowledge bases in materials engineering
  • Digital materials and virtual processes
  • Development of computer systems for metallurgical and materials industry
  • Aspects of data analysis and safety in industry