QForm Seminar at Spanish Association of Forging Industry was held on the holiday of 8 March 2019

The second QForm Seminar in Spain took place at Spanish Association of Forging Industry SIFE on 8 March 2019 in Bilbao, Spain. 13 specialists from 8 plants and Bilbao University attended the event. 

Director of SIFE Luis F. Ruiz-Minguela, Ubaldo Panzone and Mauro Berard from Monterosa Advisory S.A.G.L., QForm representative in Italy, and Anton Leonidov from QForm Group organized this seminar to bring metal forming specialists together and discuss problems and new developments in simulation of metal forming processes at their companies.

At the beginning of the seminar a presentation about QForm software and its features and possibilities implemented in the future version was shown. After that there was a workshop with examples of simulation of 2D and 3D cases with using the most powerful tools of QForm for analysis of the simulation results. Participants were very interested in new Gartfield tool for prediction of defects as well as tool life prediction calculation.

Mauro Berard from Monterosa Advisory S.A.G.L. with his presentation about QForm software for simulation of metal forming processesQForm Seminar participants

Thanks a lot to everybody who is interested in our developments and who participated in the seminar. Learn more about our future events around the world. We will be very glad to meet you!