Thematic Workshop «New Trends in Metallic Materials Processing» took place on March 21-22 in Bucharest, Romania

In the eighteenth century, on January 23, 1729, the first School of Mining and Ferrous Metallurgy was founded in Oravița, Romania. Thereby, for celebrating 290 years of metallurgical education in Romania, the second edition of the thematic workshop «New Trends in Metallic Materials Processing», hosted by University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, gathered together on March 21-22, 2019 more than 100 participants from 35 companies from the industry (Romania, Russia, Germany, Switzerland and Bulgaria) and also professors, scientists, researchers and students from 4 Romanian major universities, working in the field of metallic materials processing.

Mr. Nicolae Serban, Vice President of the Romanian Forging Association, Ph.D., Lecturer of University POLITEHNICA of BucharestMr. Paul Mordvintsev (QForm Group) with presentation about QForm Extrusion software

The event was organized by the Materials Processing and Ecometallurgy Department (Materials Science and Engineering Faculty, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania) in cooperation with the Romanian Forging Association and the Romanian Foundry Association and included a main plenary session of presentations and lectures and a parallel poster session. Also, more than 20 stands were arranged for companies’ presentation. The main objective of this second edition of the workshop was to create a joint meeting between representatives from the industry, academia and students in order to enable them to exchange ideas and information and to activate a common platform for specialists working in the materials processing field.

Workshop participantsMr. Atanas Yordanov from SpaceCAD Ltd. with presentation «Open and close die forging practical cases»

QForm Group was one of the sponsors of the event and Mr. Paul Mordvintsev (Head of Business Development Department) made during the workshop some very interesting presentations about the new QForm software for metal forming and extrusion simulation, the latest developments and features for metal forming technologies simulation and optimization. Also, Mr. Atanas Yordanov from SpaceCAD Ltd. (QForm partner in Bulgaria) presented and demonstrated some relevant open and close die forging practical cases solved in QForm.

Mr. Paul Mordvintsev and Mr. Nicolae SerbanTechnical demonstration of features for simulation of open die forging and ring rolling processes

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