QForm Forum took place on May 27-29, 2019 in Berlin

QForm Forum, international conference for QForm users, took place on May 27-29, 2019 in Berlin. Researchers and engineers from 17 countries came together in the capital of Germany to discuss possibilities of new QForm 9 which was officially presented by QForm Group specialists during the event.

Complimentary speech, Dr. Sergey Stebunov, CEO, QuantorForm Ltd., QForm Group, RussiaForging technology design based on simulation, Stanislav Kanevskiy, Business Development Manager, QForm Group

Among many new interface and calculation features and possibilities of new QForm version, we want to highlight implementation of popular models for workpiece damage analysis, new module for microstructure evolution prediction, variation analysis and multi-view mode, significant improvement of ring rolling, profile extrusion, heat treatment, cross rolling modules, and new QForm Cloud.

How QForm helps to save money and time, Hakan Aydin, Team Leader, R&D, Birinci Otomotiv, TurkeySimulation of profiled ring production, Dr. Alexander Kovalev, Schmiedewerke Gröditz GmbH, Germany

This year within the forum we organized a special session dedicated to simulation of aluminium profile extrusion which was very popular. Participants shared experience in using simulation software for different purposes. A lot of interesting presentations about solving scientific and manufacturing problems by means of simulation were shown by QForm users.

Some experimental results about common defects affecting productivity in extrusion process: Seam welds, Charge evolution, Billet skin, Prof. Luca Tomesani, University of Bologna, Department of Industrial Engineering, ItalyThanks to Prof. Luca Tomesani (University of Bologna, Department of Industrial Engineering, Italy) who has made during profile extrusion session two very interesting presentations («Some experimental results about common defects affecting productivity in extrusion process: Seam welds, Charge evolution, Billet skin» and «Material characterization techniques for extrusion: how to deal with high strains and strain rates»), which participants have been discussing for almost an hour. We are grateful to PietroAlfredo Bevilacqua Fazzini (CO.M.P.ES. Spa., Research & Development Department, Italy) for his report of comparison of the latest QForm developments with the real manufacturing cases of aluminium profile extrusion.

Heat treatment simulation cases for steels, aluminum, titanium and nickel-based alloys, Dr. Artem Alimov, Head of laboratory of metal forming technologies, Bauman Moscow State Technical UniversityIncremental Bulk Metal Forming processes: Flow Forming, Rotary Forming, Rotary forging, Dr. Olga Bylya, Research Fellow, Advanced Forming Research Centre, University of Strathclyde, UK

QForm, which first of all is popular for simulation of hot bulk forming, different types of rolling, profile extrusion, ring rolling, was also presented by researchers of leading European universities and research institutes as an effective solution for simulation of different complicated metal forming processes.

QForm Forum participantsSpecial thanks to Mrs. Iris Gliewe (GMT Gesellschaft für metallurgische Technologie- und Softwareentwicklung mbH, Germany) for excellent organization of this conference which made possible to bring together so many specialists of metal forming industry from around the world. We are very thankful to every speaker and participant of QForm Forum! See you at the future event!