Forge Fair 2019 took place on May 21–23 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The Forge Fair exhibition and conference in the USA is the biggest event in the global forging industry and participation in it is very important for forgers, equipment manufacturers and consumers of forged parts. Exhibitors present the newest development in forging technology, materials and equipment.

QForm first presented at Forge Fair in 1997 and in every Forge Fair since we have presented the most recent version of QForm with an emphasis on recently developed advanced features of our software and successful cases studies. This year the Forging Industry Association allotted us two presentations: one dedicated our new version, QForm 9, and the methods of prediction and elimination of forging defects, and another about advanced ring rolling simulation. Both presentations attracted serious interest of the participants, and many of them came to our booth to learn more about our software and the experience of its practical implementation.

Dr. Nick Biba, Micas Simulations Ltd., and Mr. Tom Ellinghausen, Forge Technology, Inc. at our booth #118Dr. Nick Biba, Micas Simulations Ltd., with a presentation about QForm software

Ring rolling simulation is a relatively new and fast-growing field of QForm implementation. The newest version of our ring rolling module has the capability to simulate the process on any type of ring rolling machine and provides accurate results in a reasonable amount of time. Its user-friendliness and practical efficiency have been proved by many customers and the new advanced features make it even more attractive for the ring rolling industry.