NUMIFORM 2019 conference took place on June 23-27, 2019 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

The series of international conferences under the common name NUMIFORM has been started by Prof. O.C. Zienkiewicz in 1982 and is taking place every three years at different locations. It is dedicated to recent advances and future directions in the numerical simulations of manufacturing processes. This year NUMIFORM 2019 conference took place June 23-27 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA. The program of the conference was very much concentrated on simulation of metal forming technologies and particularly forging, rolling, stamping. The conference consists of the series of so-called mini-symposia that are focused on specific subjects like, for example, incremental forming, formability in metal forming processes etc.

QForm has been presented in mini-symposium called “Calibration and evaluation of Stress-Based Ductile Failure Criteria” and was dedicated to a comparative analysis of different approached to ductile damage prediction in cold and hot forming processes. The presentation of the paper was done by Dr. Nikolay Biba (Micas Simulations Ltd., UK) and it was based on the recent experience of implementation of ductile damage criteria for solving practical tasks. The newest version of QForm includes nine different damage criteria plus their modifications that allows predicting and elimination of fracture in a wide range of industrial metal forming processes. The presentation has initiated a big interest and was highly appreciated by the audience because of its practical approach to a very difficult problem. The stand of QForm at the conference was busy and has been visited by colleagues from around the World who asked many questions about damage prediction practice and QForm software in general.