39th SENAFOR conference took place on October 2–4, 2019 in Brazil

Stanislav Kanevskiy, Alisson Duarte and Mariana Medeiros at SENAFOR Cconference39th SENAFOR conference and 23rd International Forging Conference took place on October 2–4, 2019 in Brazil in the city of Porto Alegre. QForm Group has been presented in the International Forging Conference by Stanislav Kanevskiy, Regional Director with presentation of his paper «Forging technology design based on simulation». The paper is designed to illustrate the process and steps of modification of a forging technology which had a defect in its original design by a modern approach. During the presentation it was shown how it is easy to find any kind of material surface defects with help of «Gartfield» and what kind of tools QForm offers to the users to find the ways of technology optimization.

During the exhibition we were presenting QForm software at our joint booth together with ESI Group. We were glad to present the new QForm 9 version in Brazil and show its new features to the conference participants together with our new partner 6Pro Virtual and Practical Process Ltda.

Also, QForm Seminar took place on October 9 at FEI University Center - Campus São Bernardo do Campo (Centro Universitário FEI - Campus São Bernardo do Campo). The seminar was organized by QForm Group as well as our partners in Brazil QX2Box and 6Pro Virtual and Practical Process Ltda. We would like to thank Evaristo Gotsfritz who has made a really interesting speech about Brazilian users experience with QForm within last 5 years, shared users experience, achievements and economic effect of implementation of QForm at their plants.

Mariana MedeirosAlisson Duarte

During the seminar we have presented QForm 9 version and new Heat treatment and Microstructure evolution simulation solutions. Our partners from 6Pro Virtual and Practical Process have presented «Cost Reduction Through the Use of Simulation and Industry 4.0» presentation and a report about technology of gear forging heat treatment in the dieset.

Evaristo Gotsfritz QForm Seminar participants