QForm sheet metal forming webinar in collaboration with CBM. June 2, 2020


Welcome to QForm Webinar in collaboration with
Confederation of British Metalforming
June 2,

New advances in sheet metal forming by means of simulations.
Cost-saving, product quality improvement, extending tool life

This one-hour sheet metal forming technology webinar is intended for practicing engineers working in the field of bulk sheet metal forming. Experts in metal forming simulation will present recent development of QForm software and its practical implementation for improving technical and economic efficiency of modern production.


  • Welcome from The Confederation of British Metalforming.
  • QForm sheet metal forming simulation software. Defects analysis, forming and tool optimization. How to save time and increase your productivity.
  • Ductile damage models. Factors that limit the plasticity. Forming limit diagrams.

Dr. Nikolay Biba, Managing Director, Micas Simulations Ltd., Oxford, UK
Dr. Andrey Shitikov, Senior Software Developer, QForm Group  

Event start: 12.00 pm BST time (UK)
Duration: 60 min.
Participation fee: FREE

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