Awarding of the 1st place winner of the International Students Olympiad in Hot Bulk Forging section 2021

The International Students Olympiad in Hot Bulk Forging and Extrusion Technologies 2021 was arranged in April and May by 54 Universities from 19 countries.

Congratulations to Mr. Grzegorz Ficak from AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland) with 74 maximum amount of points from the International Scientific Committee, who won first place!

Mr. Grzegorz Ficak was awarded a certificate of the Olympiad winner and a special prize – a laptop!

AGH Team from the left to the right: Dr Krzysztof Muszka; Dr hab. inż. Aneta Łukaszek-Sołek; Dr Nikolay Biba; Mr. Grzegorz Ficak; Dr inż. Łukasz Lisiecki; Dr inż. Sylwia Bednarek; Dr inż. Piotr SkubiszAwarding of Mr. Grzegorz Ficak

Mr. Guilherme Oliveira Goulart, Unisinos (Brasil), took the second place.
Mr. Varga József Viktor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary) and Mrs. Melnikova Daria, Moscow Aviation Institute (Russia), tie the third place in the Hot bulk forging section.