QForm UK Seminars in India, 13 and 15 June

QForm Seminars in India: Sunny days are in full swing!

We talk a lot about QForm's new features and how important it is for us to capture new trends and bring them to life. However it's much more important to listen to those who have been using QForm for a long time. At the seminars in India, held on 13 June in Bangalore and 15 June in Faridabad, we were able to listen to the experience of those who have been using QForm successfully for a long time. SANSERA, a manufacturer of aluminium forging parts, shared their experience of using QForm. To produce especially complex aluminium, it's important to calculate the right technology, number of transitions and get the parameters right. At SANSERA, QForm helps with that successfully. OMMI not only uses QForm, but also our new QForm Direct system. QForm integration with QForm Direct allows rapid checking of technology and design dies many times faster. Thanks to Dhiraj Mishra and Manish Garg from DDSPLM for the warm welcome and organisation of the two seminars.

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