QForm UK Seminar in Milan, Italy, 22 June

QForm Seminars in Italy: «Miracle or the result of professional work?» 

QForm Direct usually attracts a lot of interest from the audience. At the seminar in Milan, on 22 June, QForm Direct was presented by Dr. Nikolay Biba, Director, Micas Simulations Ltd. During the presentation Nikolay Biba showed the principal aspects of Direct: the methods on which the construction of preforming dies is based. Using the Direct is very simple - you need to use the finish forging dies as initial data and after the automatic generation to pick the best surface for preliminary dies, but the calculation methods are based on thorough scientific research and analysis. Turning complicated into simple and user friendly - is that a miracle or a good job? :)

Andrei Potapov talked about the new features of the program, and Dmitry Gerasimov showed the benefits of control of simulation mesh. We were glad to see almost a full room of participants and customers, and were happy to answer questions. For creating a wonderful atmosphere and great organisation we would like to thank our incredible distributor Monterosa Advisory S.a.g.l. and personally Dr. Ubaldo Panzone and Mauro Berard.

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Seminar starts. Dr. Ubaldo Panzone and Dr. Nikolay BibaDr. Nikolay Biba answers questions about QForm Direct

Participants and CustomersQForm Group and Monterosa Advisory S.a.g.l.

"New QForm UK version capabilities in forging and extrusion simulations", Andrei Potapov"FE mesh in QForm UK: principles and control of simulation", Dmitriy Gerasimov