The 41st SENAFOR was held in October 5-7, Porto Alegre - RS, Brazil.
9 of 25 reports were prepared using QForm. Our partner, Prof. Alisson S. Duarte, 6Pro Virtual and Practical Process Ltda, the author and co-author of most of the reports, made excellent presentations.

We got a great feedback from Eng. Fernando Vieira, Die Designer (R&D Dept.) at Metalúrgica Fey Ltda:

“It was my pleasure to meet you. You SIXPRO guys gave us an excellent impression. The energy we could see you guys invested in all the presented papers was very nice, and all papers shown a high quality results. It was also interesting to note that every clients and partners of yours had a very strong and a good opinion about you, proving you guys provide a spectacular support to the industry. Into different level aspects, your presence at SENAFOR was sensational. Congratulations! What you do is exactly what Brazilian industry needs towards new possibilities developments, or at least to adjust its developments, including a more scientific view of the processes and an intellectual development of industry professionals.”

Thank you a lot, Dear Fernando Vieira! We will try to make QForm even better!



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