Timetable of Oxford metalforming simulation seminars for the first half of 2014

This year we are planning our training seminars in Oxford on February 27-28, March 27-28, May 15-16 and June 12-13.

QForm 7 presentation in Stuttgart, Germany on 14th of February, 2014

We are presenting a joint paper at the 17th Workshop on Met foming simulation in Stuttgart on 14th of February (Simulation in der Umformtechnik). Our presentation starts at 11:15.

Autors are Alexander Borowikow and Nikolay Biba.

Micas Simulations at Formed in the UK Technical Seminar

Our stand at Formed in the UK Technical Seminar on December 11 was extremely busy. Here we  presented the newest version QForm 7.2 and its applications to simulation of closed die forging, rolling, extrusion and other metal forming processes.

The key points of new version are its capability to simulate incremental metal forming processes like ring rolling using dual mesh method, new elastic-visco-plastic material model and many other very useful features.

Report about QForm User’s seminar and training day at National Metalforming Centre on December 5-6th

The key subject of the meeting was the newest version 7.2 which has got many important new features. The seminar was attended by people from forging companies in the UK, Sweden, Italy and Bulgaria. The audience was surprised by the amount of development work which had done since the last release of QForm 7.1.

Simulation training in Oxford
Two days training seminar has been performed for visitors from Manchester University and Magnesium Elektron. Two participants have passed advanced training on general metal forming simulation and specifically on extrusion simulation using Lagrange and Euler approaches.
Successful completion of our first Oxford metalforming simulation workshop on 25th of October
Oxford metal forming simulation workshop on October 23-25 has been attended by the group of metal forming engineers from Scotland (AFRC), Israel (TechJet) and Russia (Omsk State Technical University). During three days the participants have got comprehensive training in simulation of metal forming processes using the newest software system QForm 7.
New QForm 7.2 Simulation Seminar and Training Day in National Metalforming Center. December 5-6th, 2013
Dear QForm user!
I have pleasure in inviting you to our seminar and training on metal forming simulation. At this seminar we will present the new version QForm v 7.2 which incorporates many new and important features in addition to improved functionality and interface.
Training course in Penang, Malaysia (August 2013)
In late August, Sergey Stebunov (Ph.D.; CEO of QuantorForm Ltd.) conducted a new training course in Penang, Malaysia. This event was held for two weeks: the theme of the first week was - (D-02) "Forging technology. Bulk Materials Plastic flow and Workability" and the second week - (D-09) "Finite Element Simulation of Forging Processes". The courses D02 and D09 have included the lectures, presentations and training with QForm7.
QForm 7 on the Forging Magazine cover
One of the most prestigious magazines dedicated to forging industry published an article describing the simulations of metal forming processes in the new QForm 7 software. And also Forging Magazine chose QForm 7 as main theme for his cover - check it!
QForm 7 seminar in Shanghai, China (17-19/04/2013)
From 17 to 19 April Pavel Mordvintsev (Manager of Business Development Department QuantorForm, Ltd., post graduate student of Moscow State Technical University, Metal Forming technology) and Ivan Lishniy (Manager for international marketing QuantorForm, Ltd.) held a seminar in Shanghai as part of China event series.