QForm Seminar took place in Krakow on 17 January 2019
The event was dedicated to simulation of microstructure evolution and heat treatment during metal forming processes. More than 30 specialists from forging industry and universities together with colleagues from AGH University participated QForm Seminar.
QForm Seminar. Turkey. 22 January 2019
Seminar will consist of two parts: 1) Experience of QForm implementation (Customer practices); 2) Effective solutions and latest developments in metal forming simulation. The seminar will take place in Workinn Hotel (Çayırova / Kocaeli / Türkiye).
Metal-Expo’2018 Exhibition took place on 13-16 November in Moscow, Russia
Together with ESI Group and Oberste Beulmann we presented QForm software at booth 1B78. We were very glad to have an opportunity to meet visitors of our booth, to discuss QForm simulation software, to hear ideas and wishes regarding further development of our products.
CBM Training Modules: Forging and Ancillary Processes
CBM (Confederation of British Metalforming) has developed a series of one-day training modules, using specialist technical people from within the industry, covering various hot forging and ancillary processes.
NUMIFORM 2019 conference will take place on 23-27 June 2019 in the USA
NUMIFORM 2019: The 13th International Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes will be held on 23-27 June 2019 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA.
KomPlasTech 2019 Conference on 13-16 January in Poland
During the event Dr. Artem Alimov (Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Head of Laboratory of Metalforming Technologies, programmer) will make a presentation about prediction of microstructure evolution in QForm.
Forge Fair 2019 on 21-23 May in Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Forge Fair is North America’s largest event dedicated exclusively to the forging industry. More than 1,650 forging professionals from across the globe come to Forge Fair to learn about new products, make purchasing decisions and network with each other.
QForm Forum. Berlin. 27-29 May 2019
QForm Forum will take place on 27-29 May 2019 in Berlin, Germany. Subject of the event: «Latest developments in numerical simulation of metal forming and heat treatment processes».
QForm Extrusion Seminar took place on 21 October 2018 in Dubai, UAE
We are glad to announce that QForm Extrusion seminar was held at Hilton Garden Inn Al Mina on 21 October 2018. The workshop was attended by extruders and die maker companies working in the Gulf region.
QForm Seminar. Krakow. 17 January 2019. Simulation of microstructure evolution and heat treatment during metal forming processes
We are glad to invite everybody who is interested in microstructure evolution and heat treatment simulation to participate in seminar which will take place in AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland on 17 January 2019.