QForm Webinar: Forging defects prediction by means of simulation in QForm. May 14, 2020

Join this webinar if you are new in forging simulation and want to see and understand how QForm helps to predict technology defects, and why our users cannot imagine their work without doing simulations of the developing forging technologies.

QForm Webinar in collaboration with ALFED. 12 May 2020

Enhancement of Aluminium profiles extrusion technology using the simulation.

QForm Webinar in collaboration with Confederation of British Metalforming. 29 April 2020

This metal forming technology webinar is intended for practicing engineers working in the field of hot and cold bulk metal forging and fasteners manufacturing.

Free QForm webinars for everyone

We announcing series of webinars dedicated to releasing new QForm 9.0.8 and QForm Extrusion Die Designer (QExDD) versions. Everybody can join our webinar whether you are already a customer or not.

New version QForm 9.0.8

QForm has got significant changes and improvements in recent months. Many new and very useful features have been developed and added to the program.

COVID-19 Support Issue

If your company is implementing quarantine measures during the pandemic of coronavirus COVID-19 and you have a need to organize your work with QForm software from your home, please send us an email to market@qform3d.com and we will be happy to help you with it.

QForm Seminar. Bulgaria. The event is postponed for an indefinite date

We are glad to invite everybody interested in forging, extrusion and heat treatment simulation to participate in a seminar which will take place in Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria.

QForm Seminar. Krakow. The event may be postponed for an indefinite date

We are glad to invite everybody who is interested in metal forming processes simulation to participate in seminar which will take place in AGH University in Krakow, Poland.

Awarding of the 1st place winner of the International Students Olympiad in Hot Bulk Forging and Extrusion Technologies 2019
Congratulations to Mr. Taleski Tashuli from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje (North Macedonia), who won the first place in the overall ranking. Mr. Taleski Tashuli was awarded with a certificate of the Olympiad winner and a special prize – powerful 15" i7 laptop.
39th SENAFOR conference took place on October 2–4, 2019 in Brazil
QForm Group has been presented in the International Forging Conference by Stanislav Kanevskiy, Regional Director with presentation of his paper «Forging technology design based on simulation».